Quality Management


Indiana Vac-Form is an independently owned well established Thermoforming company with experience in virtually all current use plastics and alloys and all vacuum forming disciplines including pressure forming. IVF has over one hundred customers in the Manufacturing, Transportation, Aeronautical, Building Construction, Agriculture Equipment & Machines, RV, Recycling, Dental/Medical, Electronics, Home Construction Accessories and other fields.

Quality has always been a focal point for IVF and it is the hallmark of our Centered on Quality Objective. The Overall Company Manufacturing Acceptance Rate is over 99.9 percent.

Quality Administration

For IVF, quality is assured through following clearly documented procedures, which establishes the responsibility, authority and policy of the Centered on Quality System. Top management ultimately accepts the responsibility for the system and customer satisfaction but we are proud to say that each employee feels an important part of and senses pride in our quality record.

There is no separation of responsibility and authority between the production and quality people, methods and procedures because IVF's Centered on Quality system encourages participation in every step of the process from inspection of the raw materials to the final shipping of the product. Materials and products can and do get checked and rechecked at each station. The final assurance to our customers is in our willingness to provide a wide list of quality referrals from our customers with the obvious confidentially provisions.

The IVF Centered on Quality system is in constant review and quality issues from both long-term and short-term customers rarely need to be introduced at daily staff meetings. When quality issues are introduced these concerns are placed prominently at the top of the agenda and dealt with in a way that is constructive, concise and resolving. The goal is simple: Correct and Eliminate Mistakes.

Quality Planning

IVF has assigned the responsibility of meeting our broader quality goals and objectives. Quality planning is an integral part of our Centered on Quality System for both new products and for major changes in existing custom products. It may include redundant contacts with customers. Larger customers often require formal training for suppliers. We are happy to comply with mandatory training requirements. Training makes the company and individuals sharper and reduces costs in the end for both manufacturer and customer. Cross-training procedures at IVF help to insure consistency in quality and education.

Supplier Quality Checks

IVF is proud of the relationships it has maintained with suppliers and the performance history records that the company maintains for its sources of materials and services. The system emphasizes documentation that is implemented when material is ordered. Compiled data includes, order acknowledgment, date of requisition, quantity, cost and description, material extrusion schedule and estimated time of delivery. Also, an evaluation analysis is kept on order/delivery processing time.

IVF purchases materials from more than one large reputable supplier at levels that assure our ability to meet customer demands with the usual lead times thus greatly reducing the possibilities of downtime for our customers.

Our surveying reveals that downtime to customers caused by thermoforming companies failing to deliver parts on time is frequently a cause for concern. When IVF customers were asked about our performance in particular, they concluded that their production was not impacted by downtime as a result of our service or our suppliers. We believe our Centered On Quality System is effective and exacting and helps keep customers profitable and on schedule.

The spirit of a quality system audit is to assure customers of a prescribed level of quality. Larger companies occasionally audit IFV for quality standards. IFV does not routinely audit our suppliers. We do expect the highest quality in goods and services that we receive for our investment. We strive to give it in-kind. As a result, IFV reliability is maintained at the highest level.

Receiving Inspection

Again, performance history records are maintained on suppliers, their materials and services. Stock materials are received with Certificates of Conformance, which includes test data from the material. The C of C's are traceable to in-process inspection and /or test results. The material nomenclature is adequately identified. IVF also uses our own raw material tracking slip to track when material enters our facility through when production begins on a specific job.

IVF uses a designated area for storing incoming materials prior to inspection and machine handling. There is a separate storage area for rejected material. We are happy to say that rejections are rarely necessary.

Even with precise forming and exacting test data on the materials, we work closely with our customers and their engineers, often providing sample parts or first run parts for scientific stress testing and worse (Gorilla Testing). Occasionally parts are reengineered to achieve specific performance results from our forming operations. This partnering helps achieve the desired quality, performance and economy that customers seek from IVF.

In Process and Final Inspection

IVF customers can be assured that inspections and or tests conform to specified requirements. A procedures file is maintained for every product, which contains specific material requirements, manufacturing details, controls tolerances and other key information.

Packaging and Shipping

Special packaging and shipping requirements are provided and are followed by the department personnel. The system assures the accuracy of packing slips and properly labeled shipping containers. Periodic examination of the packaging and shipping procedures are performed by key employees and top management to provide the continued high quality levels. The packaging and shipping area adequately safeguards the quality of the finished goods. The communication process and record keeping meets or exceeds most customers' needs. Every effort is made to meet special requirements.

Gauge and Test Equipment Control

Indiana Vac-Form practices precision. All calibration masters and standards have traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. All masters and or standards are recalibrated at predetermined intervals and a history file is maintained for all calibrated equipment. The history file includes equipment identification numbers or methods of traceability, calibration schedule and date of calibration. Procedures are maintained in a computer bank and service records are kept by the servicing organization. Records are available to IVF upon request.

A commercial lab performs all calibrations. Periodic inspections are performed on tools, templates and fixtures. IVF works closely with the test labs of its major supplies and relies on them for technical support.

Documentation Control

IVF effectively interfaces with its customer's documentation requirements either through customer blueprints or through the exchange of CAD files in standard formats. Responsibility has been assigned to control documentation. A file is maintained which includes drawings, specifications, inspection and quality standards. A periodic review of drawings, specifications and quality standards assures the use of current documents.

Corrective Action Control

Communication is essential for IVF's Centered On Quality System. Written documentation and communication to the customer/supplier exists in the system. Investigations are conducted to determine the cause(s) of nonconforming material. Corrective action plans are initiated and monitored. The system can if necessary provide written feedback to our customer, our suppliers of materials and services and to the responsible personnel within IVF. External correspondence is distributed.

Management personnel are assigned to oversee and direct corrective action activities. Investigation documents are filed in a manner to form a historical base for problem solving.


When Indiana Vac-Form is quality audited by outside companies, certain facts stand out.

Reviewed April 12, 2012