Burial Vault Liners

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Burial Vault Liners
Burial Vault Liners
Burial Vault Liner

Change for the Better
More styles to fit the forms that you have.
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Indiana Vac Form announces an addition to our burial vault liner products. IVF has been a long time maker of high-quality generic vault liners. Now IVF offers a complete liner set that fit new style casket concrete forms.

The new style features high-quality high impact Poly Styrene plastic material. While the new bottoms are compatible with the casket riser fit, they do not have the riser undercut for internal lifting.

The new casket concrete form liners are available in Brown, Black, White Marble and Pink Marble. The white marble and pink marble liner sets include decorative carapaces in the traditional church window and rose design.

Indiana Vac-Form makes high quality Burial Vault Liners. Since 1977, Indiana Vac-Form has been a quality supplier of thermoformed products.

We offer many ways to get the style of Burial Vault Liner that you need; click here to read more information about our Burial Vault Liners.

IVF offers liner styles to fit many forms intended for use with Styrene or ABS plastic liners including many franchise type concrete forms. Please, call to ask if our liners fit your forms.

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Cremation Urn Liners

Cremation Urn Liners

Cremation Urn Liners Cremation Urn Liners Cremation Urn Liners


Brown Urn Vault Liner Sets Call for Price
White Marble Urn Vault Liner Sets Call for Price

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Watershed Refuse Lids

This is a new low-profile polyethylene Thermoform lid system for steel refuse containers that sheds water off of, rather than into the container. Stop paying to dump water!

Buy now and get low introductory prices for single and multiple lids. Get even deeper discounts for volume purchases. See the special offers below!

Indiana Vac-Form serves municipalities, corporations, container manufactures and container re-furbishers, restaurant chains, and super stores.

Twenty-five years ago, Indiana Vac-Form and Par-Kan Industries introduced some of the first polyethylene refuse container lids to America for the refuse industry. Today, IVF continues to innovate with the new Watershed family of lids including the Rear Loading Model Numbers WSRL28, WSRL38 and WSRL43.

How much water do you dispose of each year? Call for truckload pricing - up-to 7,000 lids. Compare!

Watershed Refuse Lids

Watershed Handle


Watershed Hinge



  • FOB Warsaw, IN 46582
  • Net 30 days with approved credit. Call for application today.
  • Credit card orders, please add 3%.

Special Offers:

  • Buy a full truckload and get FREE Thermoformed Company Logo or Name. Size and design limitations may apply.


  • Pallet 75 Lids.
  • Truckload up-to 7,000 lids. Please call for pricing and shipping estimate.





Singles Full Skid* Volume
Small $14.89 $12.74 Call for Quote
Medium $17.39 $14.92 Call for Quote
Large $18.62 $15.99 Call for Quote

*75 per skid


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Platform Duck Feeders

Duck feeders for large or small duck farms. The standard (larger) model, for growing ducks, is approximately 43 3/4" in diameter by 4 1/2" high at the feeding level. The short model, for starter ducklings, is approximately 32 3/4" x 2 1/2".
  • Sanitary
  • Easy Clean
  • Safe Smooth Finish
  • Improve Feed Efficiency
  • Helps Prevent Crowding
  • High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  • Long Life
  • Evenly Distributes Feed from Center
  • Range Feeding
  • In-door Feeding
  • Chemical Resistant

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"We like how the feed waste has been reduced with this product." -Culver Duck Farms, Inc.
"This product has been very effective and is used on most of our farms." -Culver Duck Farms, Inc.

Platform Duck Feeder
Small Duck Feeder Skid of Duck Feeders Duck Feeders